Fern, Hay scented (Denstaedtia Punctilobula)

Native The Hay Scented Fern’s scientific name is Denstaedtia Punctilobula.  This fern is very unique. It is a very common fern that grows in mass colonies. It literally looks like a beautiful green carpet.  The Hay Scented Fern can be invasive. It does not do very well in gardens with other flowers or ground covers. Dennstaedtia punctilobula can exhibit […]

Clintonia, Bluebead Lily (Clintonia Borealis)


Bunchberry (Cornus Canadensis)

Native Cornus canadensis is a mesophytic species that needs cool, moist soils. It inhabits montane and boreal coniferous forests, where it is found growing along the margins of moist woods, on old tree stumps, in mossy areas, and amongst other open and moist habitats… more