Wood Sorrel (Oxalis Acetosella)

Native   Wood Sorrel (genus Oxalis), or sourgrass, is a medium sized edible plant that occurs throughout most of North America.  Within the genus Oxalis, there are several species.  Wood sorrel typically grows a maximum of 15 inches tall.  Its small heart-shaped, “folded” leaves grow in groups of 3.  Its tiny flowers are typically white or yellow though […]

Witherod or Wild Raisin (Viburnum Nudum)

Native: An upright shrub or small tree with a short trunk, compact and rounded crown of drooping branches. Preferred habitat is swamps, margin of woods, flood plains, moist soils, valleys and rocky uplands….more

Water Plantain (Alisma Tricale)

Native: http://www.naturemanitoba.ca/botany/wildPlants/CommonWaterPlantain.pdf Large water-plantain and its relative small water-plantain (Alisma subcordatum) look quite similar. Both plants have small flowers with three petals on greatly branched stems. They differ in the size of the flowers. Large water-plantain petals are around 1/4 inch long; petals of small water-plantain are 1/8 inch or less.  

Violets (Viola spp)


Twisted Stalk (Streptopus Amplexifolius)