Being Part of the Solution

Thanks to Ewan MacIntyre for cleaning up and carting away bags of household garbage that had been dumped in the Cottage Road parking lot.  There are unfortunately some who show little concern for the condition of our natural environment but many more who will go that extra step to protect it and undo some of […]

Sherwood Park Education Centre Students on the Baille Ard Nature Trails

Sherwood Park Education Centre students regularly use the Baille Ard Nature Trails, which they refer to as the SPEC Trails, as part of their school day. Following is a commentary on the experience on the trails by one of these students.   “I like walking the trail at SPEC because I have been going there […]

Making friends on the trail

NSCC partnering with Baille Ard Recreation Association

An explanation of squirrel middens (picture by Paige Rankin) is part of the self guided tour of the Baille Ard Nature Trails.   Paige and Ryan Campbell, students from Heather MacIssac’s NSCC Graphics Arts class, visited the trails recently to discuss their work on behalf of the Baille Ard Nature Trails.  The class is refreshing the […]

Cleaning up along the trails

Thanks to Dennis Shea, George Evely, Joe Dennis and Ian MacDonald for removing some potential hazards along the trail this morning.  Snags (dead standing trees) are part of the charm of this mature forest but we have to occasionally remove some of them.   This can’t be done without volunteer help.