Wood Sorrel (Oxalis Acetosella)

Native   Wood Sorrel (genus Oxalis), or sourgrass, is a medium sized edible plant that occurs throughout most of North America.  Within the genus Oxalis, there are several species.  Wood sorrel typically grows a maximum of 15 inches tall.  Its small heart-shaped, “folded” leaves grow in groups of 3.  Its tiny flowers are typically white or yellow though […]

Witherod or Wild Raisin (Viburnum Nudum)

Native: An upright shrub or small tree with a short trunk, compact and rounded crown of drooping branches. Preferred habitat is swamps, margin of woods, flood plains, moist soils, valleys and rocky uplands….more

Willow-herb, Small (Epilobium Strictum)

Native They are mostly herbaceous plants, either annual or perennial; a few are subshrubs. The leaves are mostly opposite or whorled, alternate in a few species, simple, and ovate to lanceolate in shape. The flowers have four petals often notched.[3] These are usually smallish and pink in most species, but red, orange or yellow in a few, and large and bright magenta in the Chameriongroup. The fruit is a slender cylindrical capsule containing […]

Willow-herb, Northern (Epilobium Hirsutum)

Native: A tall, perennial plant, reaching up to 2 metres in height. The robust stemscare profusely hairy with soft spreading hairs. The hairy leaves are 2–12 cm long and 0.5-3.5 cm wide. They are long and thin and are widest below the middle. They have sharply toothed edges and no stalk. The large flowers have four notched petals. These are purple-pink and are usually […]

Willow-herb, Large (Epilobium Angustifolium)

Native Chamerion angustifolium, commonly known as fireweed (mainly in North America), great willow-herb (some parts of Canada),[1] or rosebay willowherb (mainly in Britain),[2] is a perennial herbaceous plant in the willowherb family Onagraceae. It is native throughout the temperate Northern Hemisphere, including large parts of the boreal forests.